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For assistance with Registration, contact by email, or call 202-390-4902

Refund Policy

Refunds, if provided, must be handled by Senators/Satchel Paige Little League directly (they are not handled through SportsSignup).

Registration Refunds:
REFUND POLICY The registration fee is a donation towards the operation of Senators/Satchel Paige Little League. The following is the Senators/Satchel Paige Little League Refund Policy of the registration fee. All other funds collected from fundraiser, sponsorships, donations, etc. are not refundable. To receive a refund, the parent/guardian of a player must submit written notice either emailed or postal service to the Board requesting a refund and stating the reason why the player is resigning from Senators/Satchel Paige Little League. No refunds will be processed without written notice. All refunds will be refunded within 30 days of approved withdrawal by an issued ALL check delivered by USPS to the registered address on file. If payment was by credit card, the amount will be refunded back to the card used for the transaction. Amount of refund on a player who resigns, quits, or is lost for the season due to injury will be processed as follows: Prior to the beginning of the playing season, but before the uniform is ordered or issued, a $25 administrative fee will be charged. After the uniforms have been ordered or issued and prior to the beginning of the regular playing season, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded less the $25 administration fee. IF the uniform is returned unused and in full, the return full registration fee less the $25 administrative fee will be returned. There will be no refund of the registration fee after the start of the regular season. A full refund will be issued if a player registers with Senators/Satchel Paige Little League and is not within our boundaries. Please note: There is a $20 fee for all NSF checks.

Store Refunds:
All sales are final.

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